Pumpkiny Pumpkin

Pumpkiny Pumpkin can be made with any yarn and any size hook!
I would suggest to use the size of the hook that is described on your yarn label.
Depending on the size that you choose, the size of Pumpkiny Pumpkin may vary.

Used yarn: 
100% cotton (50 gr – 120 m) 2 x orange, and a small amount of beige, green and light green.

Used Hook: 
3 mm (5/0)

Measurements for the used yarn and hook: 
20 cm (8 in) long x 20 cm (8 in) wide

Used stitches: 
Single Crochet, Increase Single Crochet, Decrease Single Crochet, Slip stitch, Reverse Single Crochet

Special Abbreviation:
Magic Ring, Reverse Single Crochet
(explained step by step with pictures)

You will need Adobe Reader to open your Crochet pattern (PDF file).

Price: €3.50 (+VAT)
Visit webshop & Add to cart

All prices on the website are listed in euros without VAT.
Depending on your business status and location VAT may vary.

Please visit Lotje’s Little Gifts Etsy webshop for the correct price.

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